Youth Crews

Good for them!  Good for us!

SEEDS empowers youth through service learning projects and development of green collar job skills. The team-based training program works on labor-intensive conservation and stewardship projects.  SEEDS have been involved in several of PHSB’s many projects.


TCAPS (Traverse City High School Youth Corps) have worked with PHSB for several summers on historic preservation projects, helping to remove sod, sweep out buildings, jack up barns and pour concrete for example.  They are also our biggest labor force at PHSB’s Field Clearing project.  PHSB works through the staff at TCAPS to coordinate these projects.


The Eagle Scouts have been a perfect fit for some of our projects.  In 2007 they built a picket fence and arbor true to the historic design, and helped with the landscaping.  Eagle Scouts are required to see a project through from plans to execution and must secure all the necessary materials and labor.  If you are a Scout Troop or an Eagle Scout looking for a project, please contact us at 231-334-6103 or!



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