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Preservation projects are an integral part of what we’re all about at Preserve Historic Sleeping Bear.  For details about our  current projects click here.

Group Projects:

Every year PHSB typically holds three volunteer group work projects to preserve historic buildings and landscapes that we have selected from the Park’s long list.  These are well-planned complex projects involving assessing the structure; concurring with the park’s historic architect on proper methods to preserve the historic integrity; acquiring materials for funding; and recruiting skilled volunteers.  We make a significant contribution to the park, as we are able to leverage funds by doing this work less expensively with our dedicated volunteer help!

Time commitment:

Mainland – our two group projects on the mainland are on a Friday and Saturday.  Come one or both days.  Details for this year’s projects are below.

North Manitou Island  – project extends for a period of 10 days.  Volunteers must commit to a minimum of 3 days, with some time off to explore the island. Transportation by ferry is paid for, and volunteers are provided housing on the island.  This is a popular project, so preference is given to members of PHSB and skills needed.  Once you have been accepted into the project, we will send details about logistics and what to bring.

This work requires a core of skilled and “unskilled” volunteers to get the job done.  We need skilled carpenters and builders who can supervise our volunteer work projects

Skilled labor – typically in areas of building repair, electrical wiring, masonry, roofing, drywall, carpentry, plumbing.

Unskilled labor – come help us clear debris, sweep out barns, hammer nails, remove vegetation, or do some painting!

Individual Projects:

Some aspects of the Group Projects can be accomplished at alternative dates.  If you can’t make the Group Project dates but would like to help out – please contact us, we usually have prep work that we need help with.  We work to be flexible to accommodate the talented individuals who would like to contribute.   We also have a list of projects that are appropriate for individuals on their own time-table.  If you have the skills and interest for one of the projects, please contact us and let us know.  Donate your expertise and feel great about preserving our heritage.


For planning purposes and to provide the best volunteer experience, we need to have a good idea of the number and skills of the volunteers.  To volunteer you must fill out the volunteer form.  Enter “Treat Farm” to specify this project.   Preserve Historic Sleeping Bear is signed up as Group VIP (Volunteer in the Parks) and has forms on-site to record your hours.


We have many other volunteer opportunities at Preserve Historic Sleeping Bear.




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