Lifesaver Legacy

A large part of the story at Sleeping Bear is of those who served at the U.S. Lifesaving Stations at Sleeping Bear Point and on the Manitou Islands, rescuing ships and passengers from the rough waters of Lake Michigan. Now the park is saving the stories and remnants of this maritime history, as well as the logging and agricultural life of their neighbors.

Those who have left bequests to Preserve Historic Sleeping Bear threw a life-line to protect some of this history after their lifetime…

Ensure a Legacy You Can Be Proud Of


Choosing to make a charitable bequest in your will or trust is a very personal thing, and a special way to perpetuate your passions and values to impact the places you care about. Whether with money or assets, you can leave a lasting legacy with a charitable bequest to Preserve Historic Sleeping Bear.


You can also name a charity as the recipient of gifts from an Individual Retirement Account.  IRAs can be rolled over to a charity, avoiding a tax bill when you start taking distributions form the IRA.

An Insurance Policy is another way to leave a gift, in appropriate situations, or when you would love to leave more money than is affordable, or the policy can also be cashed out and made as a donation.

Preserve Historic Sleeping Bear is honored to have been the recipient of bequests that are making an impact in preserving our Sleeping Bear heritage.    

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