Gifts in Honor

Need a gift for that special occasion?

Christmas, Wedding, Birthday, Anniversary, New Baby


All are occasions to give a gift to Preserve Historic Sleeping Bear in honor of  your friend or family member.

If you’d prefer not to receive gifts for your celebration, one solution is to consider asking that gifts be given to Preserve Historic Sleeping Bear. We feel honored and know you must have had some good personal experiences in the park.

Knowing that your gift will go to work in the park to save the landscape from invasive species on historic properties, save historic buildings from deterioration, and assist with educational venues to understand and enjoy this legacy can provide personal satisfaction.

We will send a gift acknowledgment to the donor and the person for whom the gift was given.  When giving a gift online, please click the link in paypal where it asks for instructions for the seller, and enter the name of the person you are honoring and their address if we should send the honoree a notice of the gift.

Through April 30, when you give a gift membership in the amount of $50, your recipient will receive a membership letter and a beautiful Port Oneida Fair poster by Greg Sobran.

Contributions are tax-deductible. You can also donate by printing our donation form and mailing it with your check.

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