Past Projects

Check out our Photo Gallery for samples of before, during and after photos of the many projects our wonderful volunteers have worked.

Preserve Historic Sleeping Bear has had over a decade of success in preserving the cultural history of Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. To date we have completed over 51 preservation projects through $402,000 in funding in addition to donations from our loyal members. Our volunteers have added a value close to $200,000 of labor.

Project Photo Gallery

Charles and Hattie Olsen Farmhouse exterior scraped and painted
Advocacy success to redirect park effort toward a plan of preservation
Martin Basch Farm – Garage restoration
Treat Farm clean up
Co-founder, Grantee and Facilitator for the Port Oneida Fair
Charles and Hattie Olsen House Rehabilitated for offices and History Center
Commissioned “Cultural Landscape Model Interpretive Model”
Path to Page Program initiated
Olsen Farm History Center opens with docents
Martin Basch Granary Restoration
Charles and Hattie Olsen Farm Root Cellar Restored
Provided input on Port Oneida Scoping
Hutzler Farm – South Manitou Island
Field Clearing – South Manitou Island
Chicken Coop stabilization – South Manitou Island

Boekeloo Cabin – minor repairs/clean up
Charles and Hattie Olsen House – removed old concrete from back entrancePort Oneida Field Clearing

Olsen Farm History Center Exhibit planning started
Provided input on park’s General Management Planning
Charles and Hattie Olsen Farm
  • New Barn flooring in south bay
  • Reinforced timber support
  • Organized Olsen family Reunion Port Oneida EA
  • New eaves over barn and house
  • Olsen Barn – phase 1 completion of ramp wall
  • Farmhouse – built new accessible ramp for back entrance
  • Landscaped, and arbor and picket fence built, outdoor faucets installed
  • Farmhouse – glazed front windows
  • Built missing pantry doors and drawers
Funded oral history recording
Port Oneida Tour filmed for staff and docent training
Peter Burfiend Farm – Brooder House preserved
Carsten Burfiend Farm – Brooder House preserved
Katie Shepherd Hotel -  Funded materials for porch decking project
Miller Barn – provided instruction for barn workshop
Boekeloo Cabin – site assessment funded
Ole Oleson Farm
  • Granary Restoration
  • Pig Barn Restoration
  • Field Clearing
Provided input on Park’s General Management Plan Preferred Alternative
Provided input on Environmental Assessment for Visitor Contact station in Port Oneida
Charles Olsen Farm
  • Barn Ramp and Apron Restoration completed
  • Barn Door – installed with new rollers
  • Charles and Hattie Olsen house pantry project completed
  • Charles and Hattie Olsen garden planted
PHSB Develops Strategic Plan
Carsten Burfiend Brooder House project completed
Katie Shepherd Hotel – site assessment
Boekeloo Cabin – phase 1 stabilization; first elevation
Ole Oleson Granary – completed siding
Charles and Hattie Olsen
  • Field Clearing Maintenance
  • build basement windows and install
  • build storm windows; glaze, paint – 10 windows
  • build and install kitchen window casings; build, stain and install trim

Martin Basch Farm

  • constructed and installed shed doors
  • mason repair on porch stone pillars, and pour concrete caps

Katie Shepherd Hotel Porch/NMI

  • Straighten structure
  • Install 2 new headers
  • Remove old ceiling and flooring
  • Sort flooring to re-use
  • Paint stain all ceiling and flooring; installed 2/3rds of ceiling
  • Restored stove installed in C. Olsen kitchen

Katie Shepard Hotel Porch/NMI

  • ceiling, flooring, header, trim, etc.

Advocated for changes in Glen Haven plan

Stabilization of  Barratt Pig Barn
Milled hemlock for projects with SEEDS
Charles and Hattie Olsen Farm – kitchen windows completed
Treat Farm
  • 6 outbuildings using milled hemlock
  • Excavation to improve drainage around historic buildings
Ole Oleson Farm Field Clearing
Started Port Oneida 5K Run Fundraiser

Charles and Hattie Olsen Farm

  • Original icebox restored and installed
  • Purchased and installed kitchen baseboard and vents

Katie Shepard Hotel Porch – stage 2 – completed dormer repair, stone repair, etc.

Treat Farm

  • Farmhouse sill repair
  • Field clearing
  • Pig barn preservation completed
  • Painted shed
Ole Oleson Farm field clearing
Received Collaborative Preservation Award from TC History Center
Offered 2 Tours of Port Oneida
Monte Carlo Cottage Assessment and Historic Condition Report
1st Port Oneida Picnic offered as fundraiser for Port Oneida Fair
Launched“We Love our Park” photo contest
Provided response to Port Oneida Cultural Landscape Management Plan
Katie Shepard Hotel – 4th year
  • Removed and salvaged as much of ceiling as possible
  • Removed portions of damaged flooring; and replaced
  • Fortified structural supports
  • Repaired soffits
  • Paint and glazing of windows
  • Repaired and added structural support to dormers
  • Paid for exterior house scraping and priming
  • Volunteers painted finish coat on exterior
  • etc.

Treat Farm

  • Contracted exterior house scraping, priming and painting
  • Contracted repair work for both chimneys
  • Contracted with Park to install portion of metal roof
  • Field Clearing
  • Remove mold from concrete porch
  • Repair of eaves
  • Repair stone foundation

Charles and Hattie Olsen Farm

  • Contracted exterior spot scraping and priming of farmhouse.  Volunteers painted.
  • Stage one of silo chute repairs

Boekeloo Cabin – phase 2 contracted

  • Restoration of logs; removal and replace foundational log;
  • chinking; painting logs; log treatment
  • partial removal of interior paneling





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