Adaptive-Use Projects

What happens to these historic buildings that are repaired?

Preserve Historic Sleeping Bear is the adaptive-use partner for the Charles and Hattie Olsen house used as their office and an interpretive exhibit. The Park made exterior repairs, and PHSB completed interior rehabilitation in 2004 and landscaping in 2008.

We’re glad you asked!  Some of them we hope to have adaptively-reused by private partners who will become caretakers, using it for a purpose conducive to Park goals. 

Just as Preserve Historic Sleeping Bear rehabilitated the Charles and Hattie Olsen farm and is its adaptive-use partner. It’s one of the best ways to continue to care for these buildings far into the future. 



We will be working with the Park on the application process this Fall. Watch for a progress report as we begin working on this exciting aspect of preservation!


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